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WiFi Signal Strength? - B34N - 07-20-2022

I have a Pinebook Pro from the original first batch. I've noticed that the WiFi signal strength is much lower on the PBP than with my other devices. This happens in both 2.4 and 5 GHZ. I re-seated the antenna connector and that didn't change anything. I'm running Manjaro with all the latest updates. I have disabled Bluetooth (through the GUI) and that didn't seem to help. Is there anything else that I should be trying?

Yes, I'm just noticing the signal weakness now because I've only recently started taking the PBP with me to places where I need to use public WiFi.

Thank you,

RE: WiFi Signal Strength? - poVoq - 07-22-2022

2.4ghz seems fine, 5ghz has some known connection issues on certain bands.