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PinephonePro camera calibration conundrum - orbital - 07-06-2022

I noticed that Megi (i.e. Ondřej Jirman at has recently been working on calibrating the IMX258 sensor.
But is it Pine's plan to have people calibrate at home like he is doing, instead of calibrating at the factory?
There's a reason why companies like Foxconn calibrate every sensor at the factory: It's because every single sensor is slightly different.
Without special equipment, there is no reliable way to calibrate a color Bayer sensor at home.
Now, if Pine had used a grayscale (B&W) sensor then maybe calibration would be possible, but they didn't.
So what then is the actual plan once Megi is done?
Will his code be used at the factory?
If yes, will each person who buys a PinephonePro receive a file containing calibration info for the phone?
Megi points out that unlike other phones, the Pinephones don't include an EEPROM to store calibration parameters, so it will have to be in a file somewhere.
And how will people who have already bought the phone get theirs calibrated?