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Amberol Mobile Music player(flatpak) - biketool - 06-19-2022

I have been using Lollypop since I started using my pinephone on Alpine/postmarketOS and it is also part of Mobian Phosh.
Lollypop is probably great if you spend the time learning how all of the add-ons work, it seems like a cool player but I think it has too many nonstandard options enabled by default.
I don't care to worry about extra functions, i was happy in the early 2Ks with a used Diamond Rio 500, volume, skip forward and back, pause, play and shuffle/order play.
I didn't need more and still really don't, XMMS(Audacious) with winamp skin is still my favorite desktop player.
If you consume music like this maybe Amberol is for you vs Lollypop.
Amberol requires your music dir every time(it includes your SD card) it loads so I dont think it has a .conf file, then it takes a few 10s of seconds to scan and be ready to play.
I assume Amberol is in early dev as it doesn't work well from the lock screen, skipping works but pausing removes the media control form the lockscreen and requires unlocking to access and restart play.
I feel like Amberol(once the lockscreen pause issue is solved) would be great for playing a directory over car bluetooth where interaction beyond pause and skipping is a safety issue.

A side issue, l wish that with all entertainment multimedia apps incoming telephone/VOIP calls app or the OS would trigger a multimedia pause command when ringing the ringtone for incoming calls.