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Phosh 0.20 beta on mobian - Anthony1224 - 06-10-2022

To install phosh 0.20 beta on mobian you need to:

Go to and download phosh_0.20.0~beta1-1pureos1_arm64.deb and phosh-mobile-tweaks_0.20.0~beta1-1pureos1_all.deb

Then cd into the directory you downloaded the files into (example: cd ~/Downloads)

Then run sudo dpkg -i *.deb then reboot

You should have phosh 0.20 on your pinephone! (tested on pinephone mobian ce)

RE: Phosh 0.20 beta on mobian - Zebulon Walton - 06-11-2022

Here's a video demonstrating new features in this release:

May give it a try. Normally I'm a little hesitant to run beta software but everything on the Pinephone is beta software anyway. Smile