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PineTime Stuck in DFU Mode - Eesha Barua - 06-02-2022

Hello all,

I've so far successfully flashed Wasp-OS OTA to my PineTime from Infinitime using nRF Connect, and this time I wanted to go back and try the latest version of Infinitime.  

After following this tutorial from the wiki and attempting to flash the reloader zip, I have been stuck in DFU mode. nRF Connect freezes at 100%, and the log received an error for GATT connection timeout. I researched online and my issue seems consistent with what this tutorial warned ("Don't do this [update reloader zip] before updating the bootloader, otherwise your PineTime will freeze at the end of the process, and you will need to wait for the battery to go flat") 

For now, my device is stuck in factory reset mode with the pinecone, start message and arrow. Is my problem that I uploaded the reloader zip before updating the bootloader? How can I fix this?

Thanks for all your help!

RE: PineTime Stuck in DFU Mode - heyhewmike - 07-25-2022

I had a similar problem going to wasp-os being stuck on that same screen and I found your post. I also came across another, see below reference, but uninstall nrf connect that you may have from the play store. Install the apk from their github this one to be exact. I just successfully installed wasp-os after nearly giving up on my watch.