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DTS options for HDMI-DVI adapters - xalius - 07-07-2016

I came across several hints on other Allwinner SoCs like the H3 (which has similar peripherals to the A64, just 32bit cores) where to enable better inter-operability with DVI-HDMI adapters a certain device tree option has to be set:

hdmi_hdcp_enable = <0x00000000>;
hdmi_cts_compatibility = <0x00000001>;
... (for example)

We have that option in the extracted device tree used for our Linux Images...

Did anyone with DVI issues try that yet?

Edit: The dts option seems to enable "something" in the display driver, but what exactly is hidden in the binary portion if I see it correctly....

        if(gdisp.init_para.hdmi_cts_compatibility == 0)    {
            DE_INF("bsp_disp_hdmi_open: disable dvi mode\n");
            bsp_disp_hdmi_dvi_enable(screen_id, 0);
        }    else if(gdisp.init_para.hdmi_cts_compatibility == 1) {
            DE_INF("bsp_disp_hdmi_open: enable dvi mode\n");
            bsp_disp_hdmi_dvi_enable(screen_id, 1);
        }    else {
            bsp_disp_hdmi_dvi_enable(screen_id, bsp_disp_hdmi_dvi_support(screen_id));