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Pinebook Pro end-user ready? - Watercourse - 05-23-2022

I have not been here in awhile, but still very interested in all things Pine. Sorry if my questions are redundant.
Has the Pinebook Pro advanced to the point where it could be considered end-user ready for someone who uses only Linux (Mint, Ubuntu) in daily life? (I am not an advanced Linux user)
I see the trackpad works better Smile

Has the problem with the hinges been fixed?

Any ideas on when/if  Pinetab will be ready/available? Is it still a viable project?

RE: Pinebook Pro end-user ready? - regretfulpineuser - 06-10-2022

See how noone answered you for weeks? Thats because its not. Hard bricks just from sleep mode, and for some reason the updated rolling release pbp manjaro images dont even fix this... For years.....

RE: Pinebook Pro end-user ready? - gabeeg - 06-10-2022

I can only answer for my self, but I use my PineBook Pro as a daily user at work for VScode, Work needed Web Apps, Simple Note, email, office apps etc. Not a heavy load but I have no issues or frustrations. I did not buy it for this purpose though, I bought it for its stated purpose of being a hackable ARM based enthusiast laptop....but it just so happens to work great for my needs at work.
I have not had a hinge issue (knock on wood) yet, but know others have. My only physical issues with the laptop are screws wallowing out the soft, thin metal (fixed with screws with larger heads), screws working loose (locktite) and my only unsolvable issue is cracking of the plastic around USB ports (minor).

I have been running Manjaro (KDE) for quite awhile now with no complaints, runs great for me....obviously your mileage may vary. Yes, they was a fix/hack for the trackpad that made a big difference in its usability (still not perfect though)

RE: Pinebook Pro end-user ready? - Watercourse - 06-19-2022

Thanking for your replies