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Looking for guidance on setting up with external RTC - Ditchmagnet - 05-13-2022

I'm currently using a Raxda Rock Pi 4, running Ubuntu Server 20.04.  I'm using it with grabserial to automatically create logs from a serial port I need to record.

I need to setup a bunch more locations doing this, so I was looking at the ROCK64_v2.0 on amazon since its just $30 for a whole kit.

I will be needing RTC functionality though since the locations I will have to put these wont have network access and I don't want to have to go set the time manually in the event of a power outage.

I have been trying to do some research on adding RTC to the ROCK64 and found that it appears possible.

According to this-

It looks like they are using Ubuntu 18.04 there which will hopefully still be compatible with the usb-to-serial cables I'll use.

I think the RTC module he is using is this one on amazon-

But I also saw this thread -
Saying that this part was compatible with Armbian-

Additionally, it appears that this particular module is more accurate, which is the SN model-

SO! Does what I want to do sound feasible? It also sounds like I could run Ubuntu 20.04 according to this post-

I'm not sure I'm up to the task of getting the RTC module to work, I haven't every compiled a kernel etc, so this would really be a learning experience, but I'm worried I might get stuck too.

Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated!