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Screen Lock - Dinosaur1946 - 05-03-2022

Hi All

After many months of using the Pine64 with Mobian, I am basically happy with it.
Have even been able to install Geany and run my application in Debug to control industrial hardware.

BUT, just two annoying issues.
1: At unpredictable times the screen won't come on and I have to power the phone down
and back up again.

2: Password not recognized so I have to reboot.

Worth noting here that I am doing the daily update / ugrade, ie: today 76 upgrades.
Have seen many improvements over the last few months, but have been patiently waiting to see
if the above two issues are getting resolved.

Alas, no.

Browsing and looking for solutions produced zilch.

So, the question, is there a fix out there for at least issue 1:
Not knowing that your phone is non-responsive is an issue when Text messages and phone calls don't get through.