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NUT (Network UPS Tools) compatibility - Scary Guy - 04-22-2022

My train of thought here is that if a device has a battery then by definition it has a UPS built in. I'd like to get this running on the PinePhone but I figure it applies to almost all products with a battery. I also think it'd be cool to see them over on the list at as well.

My goal is to get NUT-Monitor on my main Linux box to show my phone's battery information. I just have no clue about how to do that, so any help or advice is appreciated.

Possibly using the dummy-ups "driver" to read the battery info directly might work. Though I don't know where that information is stored or how it would even parse that data.

I'm using Postmarket OS PhoSh though and have NUT installed on that. I can at least make it work as a client, which is still cool.