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Backing up SMS and phonebook before wipe/reinstall - biketool - 04-17-2022

I am probably going to be wiping my PP soon and reinstalling mobian to rule out any kludged hand-hacking I did to the system especially bridging as I am trying to get us a working implementation of Bluetooth PAN wireless access point to share mobile internet to your gadgets without the massive power waste that WiFi is.

so to backup:

For me I only really care about my SMS and messaging so saving my .purple chat history which handles all of the IM and SMS stuff

cp ~/.purple/chatty/db/chatty-history.db /meda/mobian/yoursdcardname/

copy that to the SD card, then the same for contacts

cp ~/.local/share/evolution/addressbook /meda/mobian/yoursdcardname/

dump these directories back where they go in the new install

I could also save installed files to speed up restoring my system

apt list --installed | /meda/mobian/yoursdcardname/installedaptpackages.txt

which would give me a list of installed files dumped into a new file installedaptpackages

flatpak list | /meda/mobian/yoursdcardname/flatpakinstalls.txt
to have a list of installed flatpaks

Really I could copy all or selected parts of the whole user(mobian) /home directory to get all of the settings identical but I want a clean install free the previous months of attempted hacks and scripts.

I like that maemo for the N900 had a nice app to save messaging settings, calendar, and installed apps, it could even be a script to make a backup.

RE: Backing up SMS and phonebook before wipe/reinstall - Katsujinken - 05-09-2022

Yes I would also be interested in what files or folders I should copy from Mobian to make backups of my Contacts List. Being able to also backup all my txts & incoming/outgoing call history would be even better. It's something I should probably be doing regularly ESPECIALLY prior to when I tool around with my PinePhone trying to get the most out of it lol. Thanks for starting this thread. Hopefully someone can point us in the right direction.

RE: Backing up SMS and phonebook before wipe/reinstall - Zebulon Walton - 05-09-2022

Mobian contacts are stored in an Evolution address book located in ~/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db. (I don't do texting so haven't looked into where those are kept.)