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Mobian virtual keyboard suddenly buggy - HLing - 04-13-2022

I was surprised to find that there's an update for Mobian on April 13 with 73 items. (I did not want to get the 23 that's held back) I upgraded and uname -a still has me at the version 5.10 which is where I want to stay.
My concern though, and not sure it's related or not, is that my virtual keyboard in the vertical orientation has some keys that wouldn't type properly. like the I would type out to be u, and I can only get it to type "ui" and then delete the u to get an I, and that isn't too constant. (my broken keys in the vertical orientation is I, k, and m.)
Anyone else having similar problems? Can I reset the squeekboard somehow?  Rebooting doesn't seem to help.  Those letters though works fine in the horizontal position, but of course, it's hard to type when one can't see the rest of the phone screen.

Thanks in advance for your help!

RE: Mobian virtual keyboard suddenly buggy - HLing - 04-22-2022

Just to update, in case there's still old diehard Mobian Bullseye users around: The reason to my deteriorating virtual keyboard does not seem to be new-update related, nor was it any better in Bookworm. I am facing the music: Dropped phone have a right to protest, and mine is saying its final good-bye to me. On the bright side: My order of another pinephone is coming in 5 days. This is defintely putting the 2+year of wait for a Pro 1X to shame.

On the other hand , from trying out once again the Bookworm (on a mini sd card, updated and dist-upgraded as of last night) I have to report that the problems that kept me back with Bullseye still persists, and I suppose will not be improved:
1) Under Bookworm the phone cannot charge fast enough for how rapidly it consumes battery. I cannot use my PD charger, only usb charger at 0.5 A current limit , as opposed to 1.5A.
2) I still cannot use USB-Tethering to get my laptop online by simply plugging my pinephone into the laptop. I DID find under Settings-Sharing-Media sharing that there was a network T-mobile sharing option, but the toggle button for that page does NOT work. Sigh, so close yet so far!

I realize that both of the above problem could be due to the physical unit of Pine Phone that I have so I will definitely try it again when my new pine phone arrive next week.