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Which companion apps work best for flashing firmware and pairing/syncing w/ Pinetime? - danimations - 03-28-2022

My new PineTime watch arrived last week and I'm keen to update the firmware to v.1.8 to take advantage of the secure Bluetooth pairing and a few other features, including the ability to manually set the time. Manual time setting on the Pinetime itself is not available on v.1.6.

I'm having trouble with companion apps, and find their diversity, limitations and OS-dependencies frustrating.

The companion app NRFConnect appears to have the potential to send a file to the device from an Android tablet, but I'm yet to find a clear step-by-step tutorial for the process. This makes me reluctant to try, for fear of bricking my watch. Where do you upload the file? And do you send the .zip or the .bin file?

To get to this point, I had to resort to installing NRFConnect for Mobile on a friend's device, as the Windows version complained that a debugging kit from NORDIC needed to be connected before it would allow me to connect to any Bluetooth devices. I don't have one of these, so that was a dead end.

I also had a play with Gadgetbridge, which I obtained via the F-Droid app store... but can't see an obvious way to upload/flash firmware using that app on Android. Gadgetbridge seems to be for syncing, but not flashing. Is that correct?

I also tried installing Siglo on my Pinephone, but the installation was unsuccessful. The app opens, but won't connect with my Pinetime via Bluetooth. Maybe I'm missing some dependencies..?

Ultimately, I'd like to pair my Pinetime watch with my Pinephone. Can that be done at this time? Can I somehow get Siglo running properly on my Pinephone to facilitate notifications, music control etc?

In "good news" I see huge potential for the device and I was able to load the correct time/date onto the phone by following this tutorial video and using the HTML file its creator provides: 

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Good news!

I have just successfully updated the firmware on my PineTime using Gadgetbridge on an Android device.

I followed the directions from Thranpages found here:

These are the steps for anyone trying to update your Infinitime firmware, using an Android device:

  • Install F-Droid on an Android device
  • Install Gadgetbridge via F-Droid on the same Android device
  • Pair your Pinetime watch with the Android device
  • Download the firmware file from Github (in my case, Infinitime v.1.8.0). Note: make sure it's the .zip file, NOT the .bin
  • Open File Manager (or similar) on your Android device
  • Select the downloaded .zip file
  • "Open With" and select "Gadgetbridge"
  • Follow prompts, and check status bar on Pinetime for progress

Enjoy!  Sleepy