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Stable Beta Factory Release - Emilio - 03-23-2022

When is a Release?
When is a Factory?
When is a Beta?
In Manjaro

RE: Stable Beta Factory Release - MichaelGriffin - 05-15-2022

Disclaimer: I don't own a PinePhone Pro, (but I do own a Pinebook Pro with the same SoC / CPU).

Are you sure your "USB-C hub with DP out" device uses DisplayPort protocol on the phone side?

The original USB-C alternate mode for video was DisplayPort. However, the HDMI people wanted the same treatment, so they created a different USB-C alternate mode for HDMI, which is totally in-compatible with "USB-C alternate mode for DisplayPort:".

A USB-C alternate mode for video device can have any monitor connector on it, like HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA. A simple, (or complex), converter is needed. However, the SoC / CPU used in the PinePhone Pro, (and Pinebook Pro), requires USB-C alternate mode DISPLAYPORT. Without that, it won't work. (Of course, software support is also required....)
Vendors have been a bit vague on what there device specifications are, at times. Some outright leave off what the host side protocol is, USB-C alt. mode DisplayPort, or USB-C alt. mode HDMI.

Good luck. Maybe someone else has better information.