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RE: Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone? - mburns - 07-05-2022

The terminal in Manjaro Plasma can be made to yield screen space by hitting the new tab button or by collapsing the keyboard and then swiping up from the bottom right.

RE: Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone? - Tim_D - 07-07-2022

(07-02-2022, 08:02 AM)mburns Wrote: I now find it to be useful in Manjaro Plasma to set the display magnification to 150%, to force the font dots per inch to 201, and to set the default font size to 6 points.

Remember when pretty much everything you read was 8 or 10? Lol

RE: Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone? - expant - 07-08-2022

Have been unable to boot either manjaro-plasma or manjaro-phosh stable from SDCARD for some time. Both distro's appear broken.

RE: Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone? - mburns - 07-14-2022

There is a new Kwin package in Manjaro Plasma unstable today. Now the systemctl suspend command can mostly handle playback speed correctly, but only when the command is issued in an ssh session.

Both Plasma and Mobian Phosh can recover from suspend correctly when audio playback is not paused at suspend.

RE: Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone? - mburns - 07-16-2022

Large updates are ready today for Mobian and Manjaro Plasma unstable.

The session locking problem in Plasma can not be made to happen after the first suspension of a session happens by timeout. So the systemctl suspend command is then available to fix the playback speed issue.

RE: Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone? - mburns - 07-19-2022

Whoa now!

Today's unstable update of linux-firmware crashes linux during AV playback.

I had to install yay and then downgrade to downgrade linux-firmware to the June release.
(Enter q to get out of the inspection by yay of the downgrade package.)

RE: Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone? - mburns - 07-23-2022

The new release available today of Plasma in the unstable branch is no longer crashy. The firmware update was not at fault.

RE: Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone? - mburns - 08-11-2022

The unstable update today fixed the playback speed issue! I can use the suspend utility after pausing playback on YouTube with Firefox, and then playback can be resumed at normal speed when the PPP is woken. This did not work on the previous day.

RE: Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone? - mburns - 08-12-2022

Manjaro Plasma now recovers better from rotation of the phone than in previous months.

There is just a better feel of the interface. I now use 200% magnification, set the fonts to 134 DPI, and a default font size of 6 points. I use the bottom buttons now rather than a swipe up to get to the home screen.

RE: Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone? - mburns - 08-18-2022

I find that this app written by codefossa is essential for Manjaro Plasma on the Pinephone Pro. I also tried making a hibernate script on the same model but it does not seem to be useful.

-- by codefossa

I apologize for the delayed response, but in general I just grab a random desktop file and copy then alter it to what I need. I use Arch Phosh, so the GNOME category may make no sense for you, and of course I use systemd on my PPP, but feel free to make modifications.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Put the PC to sleep.
Exec=/usr/bin/systemctl suspend

I recently dropped my copy of Mobian, and made a fresh install of the Manjaro Plasma development image on the Pinephone Pro. This had the benefit of eliminating the shutdown delay. And it included the ssh package. The Tow-boot package is already installed.

There has been a great amount of update activity on the Manjaro Plasma unstable branch recently. And the result as of this morning is usable.

The first suspend, whether by application or by timeout, still requires the sudo loginctl unlock-sessions command to be made by way of ssh from another computer. After this first intervention, the Pinephone Pro does operate correctly. The playback speedup after a suspend issue then does not typically happen. A suspend, or playing a clip on the record app when angelfish is paused, will fix the playback speed when needed.