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New tip request - acwest - 02-14-2022

Something that does not seem to be currently available, even for TS100, is heat set insert tips, especially for M3, M4, and M5 brass heat set inserts. I hate having to break out my old soldering station when I want to place inserts in a plastic part. Right now I am just using a cone tip for it, but it doesn't align the insert properly.

RE: New tip request - JoL - 03-17-2022

I was just about to mention the same thing. I just realized that for some 3d prints I'd need heat-set inserts, and that only soldering stations that I otherwise would not want to buy have support for the needed tips. It's good to know that using a cone tip is doable though.

I just noticed that the product page for the hammerhead tip is gone. I wonder if that's simply because of poor sales on it or if it's that they ran into trouble making custom tips.

RE: New tip request - - 10-30-2022

I want to third and fourth this request, but also add the 6mm size if possible because I use 1/4-20 inserts regularly and it would be compatible.

Is there any way we can make this happen?  They don't exist anywhere.  I've been thinking of filing down one of my larger tips just to make 1 tip.

RE: New tip request - JBDaws - 11-19-2022

Has anyone found compatable heat set inserts on Amazon?

RE: New tip request - VaZso - 11-21-2022

(11-19-2022, 01:38 AM)JBDaws Wrote: Has anyone found compatable heat set inserts on Amazon?

Search for TS100 tips.

RE: New tip request - falk - 01-19-2023

Personally I just use the otherwise useless TS-I Tips for heat inserts, but any of the finer ones would work just fine.

RE: New tip request - Sarganis - 01-29-2023

Yeah, an m2-m6 heat insert tips set would come in very handy for 3d printing.

RE: New tip request - slavkosky - 03-22-2023

Was just searching for some heat-set insert tips for the Pinecil V2 I just ordered today, and then sadly came across this thread to learn the unfortunate truth.

Can we not make these ourselves? Anybody got a lathe with some free time on it's hands? From the looks of the view count on this thread I think we could have a group-buy opportunity on our hands here

RE: New tip request - kifujin - 09-11-2023

CNC Kitchen started selling a TS100 compatible tip for heat set inserts.