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7 inch LCD touch panel is upside down? - joshpl - 02-11-2022


I've purchased few years ago (actually, 5 years ago!) PineA64+ with 2GB RAM.
Tried to use it with one project, but didn't work as I wanted so I've dumped it.

Recently I was looking for some touchscreen device for few tasks (running an IVMS android app to see CCTV cameras), and just found this old board. After connecting - everything worked fine.
I've decided to buy a LCD touchscreen (since I've tried with some USB-based monitors with touchscreen and they were not supported), but it seemed it's out of stock. However... it occured, that a local company had this exact item - last one, just waiting for me Wink I was thrilled and ordered it.

At first - I was warried: ribbons were so fragile, and I had completely no idea if I'm connecting them correctly. Especially, that when I turned power on - nothing happened at all. Then I discovered that you need to have one of dedicated LCD disk images. Downloaded, ran - yeah, screen works!

But then... a BIG disappointment: touch screen does not work! I tried connecting TP ribbon again, but suddenly the touch input seemed to SOMEHOW react.

After a short investigation - I saw what's going on: the touch input is completely flipped upside down!
When I touch screen in top left corner - system reacts, as if I have touched it in bottom right! Swiping my finger from top left to top right corner is read as swiping from bottom right to bottom left!  Confused

What is going on? I was looking for some settings in screen, display, input section... but couldn't find anything that would help me Sad
Is it some problem with the disk image I've downloaded (3.2.2 Stock Android 6.0.1 (LCD Panel Video Output) [20170209] from official pine64 wiki)? Or is it something physical, like something went wrong during the assembly of the screen? I even thought that I might try taking the screen out from its case and flipping it 180 degrees, but the ribbons are glued to the back of the screen and I'm afraid I would damage them. Nevertheless, the back of the screen looks correct - I mean, the ribbons seem to be placed correctly when I compare it to the PDF manuals that show how to connect the screen.

May it be, that I have connected something wrong? How come? The ribbon cable seems to have contact points only on one side, so connecting it upside down would rather result in having completely no output, right? And, even if - probably forcing other connection would mess up the signal and DC pins, with baked LCD as effect.

Any help? Maybe there's some other option? I was searching for anyone having such problem, but seems like I'm the only one...


RE: 7 inch LCD touch panel is upside down? - joshpl - 02-17-2022

Hi all,

I've been trying some software that would rotate the screen. Unfortunately, all these programs rotate the input as well Sad
Maybe there is some way to modify the img file in order to get only display rotated properly?

RE: 7 inch LCD touch panel is upside down? - stormwyrm - 12-07-2023

I experienced this issue as well, and the solution was more or less given here:

Add something like

/usr/bin/xinput set-prop "pointer:Goodix Capacitive TouchScreen" "Coordinate Transformation Matrix" -1 0 1, 0 -1 1, 0 0 1

To your .xsessionrc