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Linux support for RK3588 - adiboc - 02-10-2022

Hello Forum,

As we can read January 2022 update regarding RK3588:

  • Many of you have seen the announcement – the RK3588 will be made available to vendors (in bulk) later this year
  • It is a very powerful and complex SoC – full Linux functionality will take time, likely a long time

I'm not very familiar with the topic of supporting Linux on new hardware, can someone help providing a rough list of tasks needed to do, how to proceed to make running Linux on RK3588 possible? Is it totally on the shoulders of community or will Rockchip help here? According to , Radxa will support Android 12, Debian Buster for RK3588-board this year (Q2 2022). Do you know if it is possible to synchronize work on supporting this chip with them?

Power of this chip looks like a real possibilty of having usable ARM mobile platform (phone/laptop) possible, so with some mentoring I would be happy to work on making Linux on RK3588 possible/usable.

Would be grateful for your insights.