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USB-C Video Out Issue - dev - 02-07-2022

I've repeatedly encountered an issue where my PBP's video out only works once per login session. Throughout my workday I need to project my PBP using a Crestron system with an HDMI to USB-C converter. It works fine the first time, but when I remove the adapter and later attempt to project again, it won't work until I restart it.

Has anyone encountered this and/or knows where to look to try and debug it? A display service perhaps?

RE: USB-C Video Out Issue - tophneal - 02-08-2022

it may be helpful if you provide what OS you are using when this issue occurs.

RE: USB-C Video Out Issue - dev - 02-08-2022

I use the default Manjaro OS. Fortuitously, after upgrading yesterday to version 5.16.2-4-MANJARO-ARM it appears the problem was fixed, despite it having persisted across multiple updates in the past! Perhaps I should make these forum posts more often Smile