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2022 01 28 Updates Break Chatty - mikehenson - 01-29-2022

Last night (2022 Jan 28) the rolling arch updates break chatty.
I updated these apps:

[alarm@danctnix pkg]$ find | grep -r "2022-01-29" /var/log/pacman.log
[2022-01-29T00:04:58-0600] [ALPM] transaction started
[2022-01-29T00:04:59-0600] [ALPM] upgraded glib2 (2.70.2-2 -> 2.70.3-1)
[2022-01-29T00:04:59-0600] [ALPM] warning: directory permissions differ on /var/lib/AccountsService/
[2022-01-29T00:04:59-0600] [ALPM] upgraded accountsservice (0.6.55-3 -> 22.04.62-2)
[2022-01-29T00:05:00-0600] [ALPM] upgraded alsa-card-profiles (1:0.3.43-5 -> 1:0.3.44-1)
[2022-01-29T00:05:06-0600] [ALPM] upgraded mesa-git (22.0.0_devel.148909.e4c582ee71e-1 -> 22.0.0_devel.149430.ae32c6229e5-1)
[2022-01-29T00:05:21-0600] [ALPM] upgraded firefox (96.0.2-1 -> 96.0.3-1)
[2022-01-29T00:05:22-0600] [ALPM] upgraded pipewire (1:0.3.43-5 -> 1:0.3.44-1)
[2022-01-29T00:05:22-0600] [ALPM] upgraded gst-plugin-pipewire (1:0.3.43-5 -> 1:0.3.44-1)
[2022-01-29T00:05:39-0600] [ALPM] upgraded linux-megi (5.16.2-2 -> 5.16.3-2)
[2022-01-29T00:05:46-0600] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-base (5.15.2+kde+r294-1 -> 5.15.2+kde+r295-1)

Chatty was complaining that all the spelling apps were not installed.

I installed these apps:
[2022-01-29T08:40:16-0600] [PACMAN] Running 'pacman -S hunspell'
[2022-01-29T08:40:22-0600] [ALPM] installed hunspell (1.7.0-3)

[2022-01-29T08:41:34-0600] [PACMAN] Running 'pacman -S nuspell'
[2022-01-29T08:41:40-0600] [ALPM] installed nuspell (5.0.1-2)

[2022-01-29T08:42:33-0600] [PACMAN] Running 'pacman -S hspell'
[2022-01-29T08:42:42-0600] [ALPM] installed hspell (1.4-4)

[2022-01-29T08:43:37-0600] [PACMAN] Running 'pacman -S libvoikko'
[2022-01-29T08:43:43-0600] [ALPM] installed libvoikko (4.3.1-2)

Chatty launches for about 1 minute then "Segmentation fault (core dumped)"

I have a feeling that it is AccountsService the last release was 2 years ago. 

Any recommendations?

RE: 2022 01 28 Updates Break Chatty - Danct12 - 01-29-2022

I wasn't able to reproduce this segmentation fault (with the system fully updated), is it possible for you to recompile chatty with debug symbols?

RE: 2022 01 28 Updates Break Chatty - mikehenson - 01-29-2022

Thank you for the quick reply. Here is an update.

To be clear, I have 2 PinePhones.
16Gig version that I use to build packages
32Gig version that I use for a daily driver. The daily driver is the one I am having issues with.

=ON the 16Gig Build Phone=

I tried to add "options+=(debug !strip)" to your chatty package build. 

prepare() {
    cd $pkgname
    git submodule update --init

options+=(debug !strip)

build() {
    arch-meson $pkgname output
    ninja -C output

It builds and installs, but I do not know where the debug information is...

=One the 32Gig daily driver=

I stopped the mmsd-tng service and chatty opened right up and I got a bunch of text messages. No crashing.
systemctl --user stop mmsd-tng

So, I started the mmsd-tng service and saw under the status that I at least 5 MMS waiting. Chatty crashed. 
systemctl --user start mmsd-tng
systemctl --user status mmsd-tng

RE: 2022 01 28 Updates Break Chatty - Danct12 - 01-30-2022

Chatty needs to be run with gdb, but I think journalctl of the crash should also give enough information.

RE: 2022 01 28 Updates Break Chatty - mikehenson - 02-12-2022

I am going to mark this as solved now.

I think my issue was a bunch of MMS that mmsd-tng v1.7 could not process because I was using AT&T.
There was a fix included in mmsd-tng v1.8 that should work with AT&T.
I did not have a chance to test this, because AT&T stopped supporting my PinePhone.

I am now on Patriot Mobile (T-Mobile) and I am sending and receiving MMS with chatty v0.6.1

RE: 2022 01 28 Updates Break Chatty - Danct12 - 02-12-2022

Sad to hear you can't test on AT&T, but good to hear that you got it working now.