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Touch Screen monitor/module - riahim - 06-29-2016

Hello. I'm looking to buy a touchscreen monitor/module for a project. However, the official 7in one in the store is too small.
My question basically is, would any type of touch screen monitor work or are there restrictions? 
Essentially I want to create a project similar to this but that monitor is quite outdated/hard to find.

RE: Touch Screen monitor/module - xalius - 06-29-2016

Since you would need a matching driver for any other LCD you connect besides the one you can order with the pine, maybe think about a small HDMI display with full HD? Touch input is still another issue then though, maybe something that works via I2C or UART, but I have no experience with that...

RE: Touch Screen monitor/module - adamw - 06-29-2016

I was looking at something like this:

RE: Touch Screen monitor/module - Cemb - 07-05-2016

You can look at this
11.6 inch 1080p with capacitive multitouch. I just tested it with PINE64 and it works perfect without any additional manipulations in Android/Remix. PM me if you interested.

RE: Touch Screen monitor/module - riahim - 07-06-2016

Thanks! PM'd