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Fried the charger port and USB - leapylee - 01-10-2022

Hi there,

I hope someone out there can help me.

I just fried the single-pin Type H barrel power connector (and adjacent standard USB port) by absentmindedly inserting my Chromebook charger (that has a very similar pin).  The popping sound and bright red flash from the USB port with a burning smell told me that something was wrong Confused

The USB C socket seems ok so I can charge the device but it gives off a high pitched buzzing sound that I don't get when I use the Type H barrel lead. I also think it charges slower but that may be my imagination.  Is there a way of swapping out the charging part so I can fix the problem? It's not the end of the world just annoying that I did this so stupidly.

All help gratefully received,


RE: Fried the charger port and USB - Danct12 - 01-12-2022

Is this the Pinebook Pro? If so, this is the "PInePhone" Pro forum.