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Nextcloud folder (WebDAV) not showing up in Portfolio - PinePhoneUser - 01-09-2022

Hi everyone,

For a while now, I haven't been seeing the Nextcloud file system showing up in Portfolio when I connect a Nextcloud Online Account.

I seem to remember that it worked when I first received my Pinephone at the end of 2020 with the original Manjaro version that it came with from the factory, but I have performed fresh installs of newer Manjaro versions several times now.

"Files" and "Documents" are activated in the Online Account options.

Connected address books and calendars are working fine, so this does not seem to be a general problem with my Nextcloud account.

I see someone recently reported a problem with WebDAV here, but I'm not sure if it's related:

Is anyone else experiencing this?


RE: Nextcloud folder (WebDAV) not showing up in Portfolio - Uturn - 01-13-2022

WebDAV, CalDAV, cardDAV all seem work in progress to me. The phonebook seems to work halfways, as long as you don't ask for seeing someone's multitude of phone numbers, and also you should not edit or sync any adresses. If you delete the nextcloud account the contacts will stay and duplicate if you re-create your NC account. Well, and calendar events, or to-do's are not yet there. (but now we have waydroid and it's pretty painless to have it fully connected with nextcloud.

probably, as time goes by, theses issues will be worked on.