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Waydroid on Arch Linux ARM install guide? - tk1107 - 12-22-2021

Is there a guide to installing Waydroid on Arch Linux ARM? Does it work as nicely on Arch ARM as it does on Manjaro ARM?

RE: Waydroid on Arch Linux ARM install guide? - Danct12 - 12-23-2021

RE: Waydroid on Arch Linux ARM install guide? - tk1107 - 12-23-2021

(12-23-2021, 01:21 AM)Danct12 Wrote:

Danct12: Thanks very much for that link. The instructions worked with no problems. Waydroid started just fine. I'm stunned at what my PinePhone with Arch Linux ARM has become with Waydroid. Thanks for the work on this.

RE: Waydroid on Arch Linux ARM install guide? - PineFone - 10-08-2022

First off, thanks to @Danct12 for creating what I've found to be the best OS for PinePhone. Anyone complaining about PP not working, etc. clearly haven't tried Arch ARM as their OS.

Never had luck trying to install Waydroid or Anbox. It typically locks up the phone when trying to install or I get a 404.

I've been trying to use Waydroid to setup Reticulum's Sideband/Nomadnet on my pinephone.

I'd like to suggest that @Danct12 consider updating/forking an existing Arch version of Nomadnet to work on Arch Arm as part of the next update:

Arch Linux packages

The RNS creator is putting his focus on updating Sideband for Android to obviously reach the most people. The benefits have been proven in the recent Florida hurricane and likely will be proven again if power outages take hold in Europe due to energy rationing:

Reticulum was amazing!

It also solves an existing concern about PP going back to when coverage was dropped by AT&T subsidiary Cingular. What guarantee is there that when PP hits a certain audience size, all the carriers don't come up with a reason to drop coverage rendering PP moot?

Reticulum will allow PP to still work with or without cell coverage, power, etc. (with the help of an inexpensive repeater network of RNodes setup in a mesh net) as a messaging service.

Since Voice over IP exists for Python as a plugin, could this also be modified to do VOIP Reticulum calls to make Arch the undisputed PinePhone OS Champion?