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Quartz64 max PCIE power? - nixcamic - 12-06-2021

I would eventually (I realize the software stack isnt really there yet) like to replace my intel atom board in my home server with a Quartz64, however, I'm wondering power wise if it will be able to run my SAS adapter? How many W can I draw from the PCIe slot on the board, assuming I have "Unlimited" power on the input (will be running it all off a ATX PSU)

RE: Quartz64 max PCIE power? - CounterPillow - 12-06-2021

The 12V on the PCIe connector comes from the DC in socket, so however much your DC power supply is able to provide, minus whatever the rest of the system uses through the PMIC's DC-to-DC converters.

The 3.3V on the PCIe connector is DC-to-DC converted from the 12V input by an SY8113B, which can deliver 3A of current according to its data sheet.

So in short, 3A*3.3V = 9.9W on the 3.3V rail, and north of 50W on the 12V rail depending on how beefy your DC power supply is.

If your card only draws wattage from the 3.3V rail, you might get in trouble, but if it has its own DC-to-DC circuitry to convert the 12V input, you're all good.