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Ubuntu with Android Kernel - JasperBrown - 06-27-2016


I want to use the pine for graphics stuff and as far as a know the Android Kernel has a Allwinner driver for the "Mail 400 MP2" witch is much more advance than the one used by the Ubuntu Kernel.

So is it possible to Android with Ubuntu/Debian ?

RE: Ubuntu with Android Kernel - martinayotte - 06-27-2016

Although Android is based on Linux kernel, Android has a completely different RootFs layout and system scripts.
You can not have both Android and Ubuntu or Debian at the same time.

RE: Ubuntu with Android Kernel - JasperBrown - 06-28-2016

thank you
this has brought me forward.
Was looking now for RootFS and Chroot.

But ufff first much to do next time..then I will have a closer look at it.

RE: Ubuntu with Android Kernel - martinayotte - 06-28-2016

Interesting ...

RE: Ubuntu with Android Kernel - JasperBrown - 07-05-2016

If you cut Android down to a very basic system it takes not that much RAM (last time I did was android 2.1-?2 there it was about 60mb anyway at the moment android 5.1 uses 400mb at my phone)

Than it would be possible to write a shell script witch start directly Deb/ubuntu.

Only issue I see is the VNC server thing... this has the potential to waste all the performance you gain with the android kernel.

But first of all I will test the installation through (not yet awhile)

RE: Ubuntu with Android Kernel - xalius - 07-05-2016

Correct my if I'm wrong, but since Android kernels use a different interface for the graphics driver stack and other userspace components that need hardware access (see ) won't you have a hard time to get any but the most basic Linux userspace infrastructure running? (e.g. DRM, ALSA, ....) has an article on the difference between android and generic linux drivers...