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Help with bypassing Arch check in Pamac - JoshTheTofu - 11-21-2021

Hi guys

I am trying to install printer drivers on my Pinebook Pro but unfortunately thee driver I have found on the AUR is not available for the ARM architecture.

I have done some digging and found this Reddit thread:

One of the comments here say you can bypass the architecture check in pacman by using the -A command and there is still a chance that it will work and I am willing to test it.

Unfortunately I am not currently at the level of being able to use pacman to install something from the AUR so I was wondering whether there was a way to bypass the architecture check on pamac instead?

Kind regards


RE: Help with bypassing Arch check in Pamac - wdt - 11-21-2021

Yes you can force the install, it likely won't work unless you, by luck, pick the right settings
ppd's are stored in /etc/cups/ppd
this is about line 10,,, *cupsFilter: "application/vnd.cups-postscript 0 brother_lpdwrapper_mfcj825dw"
The bit after the "0" is a "filter driver", it is a x86 binary and of course will not work on arm
What you want is "driverless" or ipp_everywhere" which are almost identical
These talk to a printer ON THE NETWORK and use a driver INSIDE the printer
You can do it over usb, but you have to set up a network driver for it, a little difficult
(note,, if printer has no network capabilities it probably does not have driverless in its rom)
a line from a driverless printer's ppd.... NickName: "Brother MFC-J6510DW, driverless, cups-filters 1.27.5"

Install cups, go to localhost:631 (in browser) , login as root, add printer (best over ipp)
do NOT pick a specific printer model, pick driverless or ipp_everywhere
Sometimes you have to do it 2 or 3 times before you get it right, if the test page is ok then it is right
Delete the ones not working
---another edit,
you have to set up the printer to be connected to your network for this to work,
from the printers' menus or cups won't find it (unless it is ethernet which connects more or less automatically if you tell printer to use it)

RE: Help with bypassing Arch check in Pamac - user18130814200115 - 11-26-2021

The person above probably gave the answer you needed, but not the one you asked for.

To ignore arch while building a package, you can run makepkg -A not pacman -A as pacman doesn't integrate the aur.
Many AUR helpers integrate this functionality already such a paru, which will prompt you to "build the package anyway" if the arch does not match yours.

For pamac I do not know, though you can use pamac to install paru (which I mentioned above) though this is a cli application.
To use paru simply type paru package_name in a terminal, the rest is intuitive.

You can also build the package manually by using
git clone
cd package_name
makepkg -A
And then install it by using
pacman -U package_name.tar.xz