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DRM support in Android - Wizzard - 11-21-2021

Is there any way how do play DRM protected content in some of Android builds? Netflix works, but other DRM based apps not.

RE: DRM support in Android - alanwake82 - 02-01-2022

It depends upon the manufacture, Like netflix support it. In short, the Android platform provides an extensible DRM framework that allow apps to manage rights-protected content according to the license.
The DRM framework supports schemes is up to the device manufacturer.

RE: DRM support in Android - Johnmo89 - 02-03-2022

Your Android device may come with DRM modules, but this depends solely on the device manufacturer or service provider. Some Android devices simply don't support DRM, but Netflix will still work. Because support can only be provided by some applications. You can check if your device supports DRM by clicking on the link and downloading the program
DRM Info Hope my answer was helpful. All the best to you!