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Where are my posts??? - Scooterman - 11-10-2021

Generally on these forums one can go to your CP or one's account and  view the posts and threads one has submitted to a discussion. Does this forum support that? Yesterday morning I posted a topic on my PinePhone which was shipped but now has been lost for over a week and I stated in this post until DHL or PinePhone resolves this issue no one should purchase anymore phones. This issue has been going on for many many months and is not resolved. I cannot find this post and appears to have been deleted.

RE: Where are my posts??? - lot378 - 11-10-2021

The post about your lost PinePhone still exists and I found that via the forum facility you mention.

Click on "User CP", find "Posts" and click on the number to see a list of your posts.

RE: Where are my posts??? - CharlieGordon - 11-10-2021

I have to click on "Additional Info About ..." and then "Find All Posts"

This seems to be the post you're talking about: