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PineTime touchscreen wakeup issue - norfolk_uk - 09-20-2021

I've had my PineTime for a couple of weeks. I am running 1.4.0. Now my issue is with the touchscreen, specifically when trying to wake the PineTime with either a tap or a double tap. Sometimes I can tap it 10 or more times and it still will not wake up. Sometimes only pressing the button will work.

Once the PineTime is awake the touch screen is faultless, especially on 1.4.0 so I don't believe it is a hardware issue, although I am no expert. On 1.4.0 when awake, it is fast, fluid and sensitive.

From my experience of this issue, I do believe there is correlation with the unresponsive wake up taps and the length of time the screen has been asleep and/or correlation with the known issue of loss of Bluetooth connectivity with Gadgetbridge.

Upon successfully waking the PineTime, subsequent taps to sleep and wake again, repeatedly all work fine. The issue seems to become after the PineTime screen has been asleep for a while.

Can anyone else confirm this issue or does it appear to be just me?

RE: PineTime touchscreen wakeup issue - Codenul - 11-15-2021

Seeing that you within this post you are running the watch on 1.4.0 firmware. Just over the weekend, 1.7.0 was released. I would try to update to this newest firmware build and going from there / seeing if maybe this issue goes away.

One thing that was addressed in 1.7.0 is a quicker wake up timer. It does seem like it responses quick now when trying to wake up the device.

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