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Fuchsia OS for the PinePhone - Canyonless - 09-16-2021

Check out my article if you're interested, discussion about the article here would be helpful.

RE: Fuchsia OS for the PinePhone - wibble - 09-17-2021

To avoid unnecessary indirection:
(Edit: Hmm...either I'm missing something or the URL is upsetting the forum's parsing...)

I don't know enough about Fuchsia to say anything worthwhile. EFL worked well back in the days of the openmoko, particularly regarding switching between touch and non-touch use with automatic changes of scaling and separation of elements, and the hinting framework for the keyboard to switch to a layout suitable for the current field. I've lost track of it since so don't know if that's still the case.

RE: Fuchsia OS for the PinePhone - ryo - 09-18-2021

What I know about the Fuchsia so far:
1. Google was very hush hush about it for many years.
2. They aim at no longer relying on the Linux kernel (think Microsoft ditching DOS when replacing MS-DOS and Windows 9x with Windows NT).
3. Looking at the interface in YouTube videos, Fuchsia is even more a toy than iOS is, which is way more of a toy than Android is, which is still a toy.
4. Seems like they want to lock you in a-la Apple (except with open source software instead of closed (iOS) or mixed (macOS) source), both on phones and PCs.

The only reason macOS is mixed source is because it's technically a FreeBSD distribution.

RE: Fuchsia OS for the PinePhone - ragreenburg - 09-23-2021

Thanks for the article!