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Always on VPN - mmd604 - 09-07-2021

Hello and good day I followed this(alwaysonvpn) tutorial in mobian wiki.  Everything works but when I switch to new wifi network. I have to manually enter the uuid secondaries in system-connections via nano.  I want to tunnel all data on my wifi adapter or phone threw my vpn (openvpn) is this possible on mobian

RE: Always on VPN - mmd604 - 09-19-2021

So I have resolved this by using wireguard. Do not import your wireguard connection into network manager. I use cron to wg-quick up wg0(wireguard interface) on startup. Know when I change wifi networks the wireguard interface stays up but if you import connection to network manager it will drop out. I also used nyr wireguard in github to make wireguard server