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Paste button does not work - Angle - 08-24-2021

So I'm using a pineohone, with the pre-installed OS (Manjaro, I'm pretty sure). Right now I'm trying to set up Tootle, so I can use my mastodon account. Trouble is, I cannot get the paste button to work to enter the confirmation code. I can reliably bring up the prompt, by entering some text, highlighting it, and then tapping on it - but when I tap the paste button, nothing happens. I'm not sure if this is an issue with Tootlde, or Manjaro - I thiiink KDE plasma might be at fault? Not sure though. Anyway, is this a bug, or is there a setting I need to change somewhere, or is pasting just not as simple as tapping a button when I have something saved to keyboard...?
I also cannot drag the cursor around text fields - it has that hanging indicator below, but when I try and tap and drag that to move the cursor, it does not work. This makes using text fields much, much harder.
I'm also having issues with the keyboard not disappearing when I tap outside a text field, making it really hard if not impossible to use some apps - in this case, I'm really struggling with kmail.