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PineBook Pro dead - ottahe - 08-22-2021


I've been using the PineBook almost daily since it arrived in April, and I used
to shutdown it every day, since the standby isn't really a standby, the battery
drained too fast.

But since 4 days the PineBook won't startup anymore. The green LED turns on,
but nothing else happens. Since 2 days, even the green LED wön't turn on
anymore, until one time today.

What I've tried so far:

- press the reset and recovery button
- press the on-button for 10+ seconds (this made the green LED turn on again, but only once)
- disable the eMMC
- disconnect the battery and connect the bypass cables

Is there anything left I could try?

RE: PineBook Pro dead - tophneal - 08-23-2021

was the battery drained to 0% before it started refusing to boot? i presume from the steps you listed, you're attempting boots from emmc and sd?

RE: PineBook Pro dead - KC9UDX - 08-23-2021

First, the LED not turning on is not necessarily an indication of not powering on. The power LED is turned on by software; and if the software fails, the LED does not light. A better indication of power, without opening up the device, or measuring voltage, is by feeling the bottom cover near the CPU and seeing if it's warm or hot. Disabling the eMMC, unless you have a known good bootable micro-SD card inserted, will not make troubleshooting easier.

If the battery was fully drained (it sound like that might be what's happened to you), you may need to charge by USB-C. I'm not sure why this would be, but it is widely reported.

I recommend putting the bypass cables back for now; for connecting them incorrectly will cause much more trouble.

10 seconds is probably not enough to totally power off the PBP if it is crashed. I think 20 seconds is the normal recommendation.