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Battery doesn't charge - mspohr - 06-09-2021

Interesting problem.
Computer runs but... dies frequently
Plugged into power (barrel connector); green power light on; battery charging (0%)

voltage_now 3723000
capacity 0
charge_counter 1
status Charging
current_now 0

Battery problem or charger problem?... or ?

RE: Battery doesn't charge - wdt - 06-09-2021

Does the red led beside barrel socket light?
If you have an inline usb V-A meter that would be helpful
If the battery is truly that low, that is normal behavior (for the controller),
a flat battery SHOULD be charged slowly until it is at 5%
Try charging overnight (pbp off)
Try charging thru usb C, also overnight (not at same time as barrel)

RE: Battery doesn't charge - KC9UDX - 06-09-2021

If the battery level is truly 0%, charging by USB-C overnight, with the power off, and without the barrel charger, might be your only means to get the battery charged. I don't know why. But this is what's been reported here, often.

After that, charge with either charger.

It is quite normal for the charger to not keep up during normal usage. Depending on your operating system, charging during usage might not even be possible. Some operating systems don't throttle the CPUs by default.

RE: Battery doesn't charge - mspohr - 06-10-2021

Thanks for these suggestions.
I disconnected and bypassed the battery using the installed bypass cables and it works fine for now.

Before, the red light next to the barrel jack was flashing. The battery was not charging.
I'll try reconnecting the battery and charging it with power off through USB-C tonight.

RE: Battery doesn't charge - wdt - 06-10-2021
Page 5,, STAT

RE: Battery doesn't charge - mspohr - 06-11-2021

Battery is charged!
I took the advice and charged with the USB-C connector overnight with the unit off and this am the battery is at 100%
Hopefully this cured the problem.

Thanks very much to all of you.