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Jarvis voice assistant - biketool - 06-02-2021

Plugin based voice assistant runs from CLI so easy to integrate and script, need default setup to direct to duckduckgo or other privacy search engine and local openstreetmaps NOT google or other infringing services
I have not used a voice assistant so am not sure how useful it is, perhaps more useful when driving/piloting a vehicle; like Jarvis in Iron Man's power armor.
I am curious if this is something this community considers an important functionality for Debian Moble.
Now there was Saera for the Maemo5 Linux Nokia N900 but it was something you had to hand build and I recall the voice recognition was not great.

RE: Jarvis voice assistant - biketool - 06-20-2021

No replies, is it a fair assumption that the venn diagram of pinephone users and voice assistant users have only a small crossover?
Other than while operating a vehicle or machine I would think the act of using a voice assistant to be rather antisocial; but those situations requiring hands free it could be very useful.
That said as above I have never used a voice assistant except for a few days using the very spotty Saera on my N900 years ago.