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pinephone oses and qemu emulation - streak - 05-20-2021

hi guys

Since i dont own pinephone (im waiting for it) I would like to start coding/compiling some stuff that ill use later on phone in my free time on my laptop. Do we have some information / Howto / tutors how to setup proper environment in qemu to run pinephone oses in virtualisation?

Btw im using ubuntu/debian as my os of choice.

Thank for all pro tips In this topic

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RE: pinephone oses and qemu emulation - swiley - 07-19-2021

You can use pmbootstrap to generate a postmarketOS chroot. During pmbootstrap init tell it to use Qemu as the target device (if you pick an arch that matches the host arch you can probably use kvm so it will run at the speed of your host, running it in an interpreter/JIT feels a little closer to the real pinephone speed on my Ryzen 5 sans the complete lack of hardware graphics acceleration.)

After pmbootstrap install just run pmbootstrap qemu --display=gtk to start the VM.

The reality is though that you can develop your app just like you would for any other Linux based OS. The only thing you have to do is keep in mind that phosh users tend to scale it by 2x and don't like multiple windows.