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Bluetooth audio stalling (maybe the whole phone) - motox6 - 05-15-2021

I have a farm with Wifi in various spots. It is the same ESSID everywhere but there are areas with no coverage. There is no cellular coverage.

The following is repeatable behavior.

I often listen to podcasts via bluetooth using the 'podcasts' app and playing from files loaded locally on the phone.

If I am listening to a program as I drive and I transition from the Wifi coverage area to a non coverage area the blue tooth stutters (it cuts in and out). It seems like the Wifi losing its connection interferes with the ongoing bluetooth audio.

The audio is not stalling but is lost.

Eventually the bluetooth audio recovers and when I enter an area with Wifi a similar stuttering occurs.

The behavior is very repeatable and happens every time I make the drive while listening to a podcast.

Since the behavior is repeatable is there something I might look to to help identify what is going wrong?

RE: Bluetooth audio stalling (maybe the whole phone) - wibble - 05-18-2021

I've previously experienced bluetooth dropouts on the pinephone when a background process has briefly hogged the CPU. You could try looking with something like htop while repeating the behaviour to see if the transition triggers a task that may be causing issues. Someone more skilled can probably point to a method to get it logged automatically. Another possibility is that there's something not configured or implemented correctly with the wifi/bluetooth chip driver since they share the same chip and antenna - they're supposed to have mechanisms to avoid interfering with each other, but that may not work under all circumstances. I'm not sure how you'd look into that though.