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Pinebook Pro audio recording with Jack - rfm83 - 05-15-2021


I am writing with a question regarding recording audio on the Pinebook Pro with Jack. I'm currently trying to record electric guitar tracks on Ardour and using the Guitarix application which uses Jack audio. My setup is an electric guitar with a usb/guitar line hybrid cable plugging directly into the usb port on the Pinebook Pro. The sound of a clean guitar is fine but when I use a distortion plugin on Guitarix there is a lot of noise and cracking sounds coming out from the speakers. It's not just a slight noise, it's actually an unbearable high pitch noise which makes the guitar sound disappear. I have tried changing the settings on Jack such as Sample Rate, Frames/Period and Periods/Buffer, but nothing seems to help. I am wondering if this problem is due to Jack and its configuration or the Pinebook Pro hardware is not suitable for recording audio.

I appreciateĀ  any input from someone who has tried this or has any idea of what could be the issue here.