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Change locking of Ctrl modifier? - vandys - 05-05-2021

I'm really used to the Ctrl modifier only applying to the single keystroke which follows it.  Instead, Ctrl behaves like a caps lock, staying applied until you click it again.  I'm sure that's great for some, but not me.

I've had a swing through the Squeekboard documentation, and but I really don't see anything in the config file to control this.  Has anybody addressed it?  TIA.

RE: Change locking of Ctrl modifier? - MtnSk8 - 05-08-2021

The locking ctrl key drove me nuts for about a week or so. Smile  I never found a solution or workaround and occasionally I would think phosh or debian had crashed or become unresponsive only to discover that I left the ctrl key on. However that problem has gone away and I didn't really notice until I read your post Big Grin  .   I just got used to de-selecting the ctrl/alt key as part of the key combination sequence, atomatonamously. Mostly, squeekboard is excellent but I would like an option to release all the modifier keys when it drops into icon view, that would be super cool . Cool