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Bluetooth, - yurievitch - 05-05-2021

I have an early adopter version and the internal Bluetooth has never worked. Do I need to enable it or use a dongle? I have an old Dlink DBT 122 that's past its prime. 
Does anyone know of one that works with PineTab?

RE: Bluetooth, - Lex-2008 - 05-06-2021

Hi, built-in bluetooth works fine for me on PineTab early adopters edition - I'm always using it with my K480 keyboard. But I've set it up from Arch "barebones" image, using bluetoothctl command-line utility (had to plug a plain USB keyboard first).

RE: Bluetooth, - yurievitch - 05-06-2021

Not for me. It's says it's running (sudo service bluetooth start) but it's neither sending nor receiving.

RE: Bluetooth, - tophneal - 05-06-2021

what OS are you running on your tab?

RE: Bluetooth, - yurievitch - 05-06-2021

UBTouch on the development mode.

RE: Bluetooth, - tophneal - 05-06-2021

bluetooth is an existing issue on ubports have you tried with another os?