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Disappearing forum alerts - dsimic - 04-11-2021


Something strange is going on with this forum...  I've never had any issues with the forum alerts for the replies to my subscribed threads, but today two of those alerts simply disappeared from the list of alerts.  I didn't delete them, but they simply disappeared, while the associated replies still exist.

What's going on?  Needless to say, this is really concerning.

RE: Disappearing forum alerts - dsimic - 04-20-2021

After those two, I haven't noticed any other disappearing alerts, so this can be attributed to some kind of a transient issue.

RE: Disappearing forum alerts - KC9UDX - 04-20-2021

I've noticed it intermittently as long as I've been here. Fortunately there isn't enough traffic here for it to really be problematic.

RE: Disappearing forum alerts - dsimic - 04-20-2021

In that case, something should be done to fix the issue.