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Order limit question - psm321 - 03-24-2021

Hi, I was wondering whether the limit of 1 (PinePhone Beta) is only per-order for shipping/logistics reasons, or whether you are asking people to only buy 1 total.  (i.e., Can I make multiple orders?)

As a side note, anyone know if the $25 shipping is worth the extra from the $15 shipping?

RE: Order limit question - Luke - 03-24-2021

The order quantity is limited to 1 unit per user so that everyone gets a chance to pick one a unit. It also prevents scalpers from picking up PinePhones to later resell at an inflated price on ebay.

RE: Order limit question - psm321 - 03-24-2021

Is that 1 unit of each type (2GB/3GB), or 1 total?

RE: Order limit question - Zebulon Walton - 03-24-2021

The more expensive shipping is through DHL. The less expensive is (I think) China Post. When I ordered my pinephone I paid the extra $10 for DHL since they have better package tracking.