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New Mobian Pinephone - czgunner - 03-11-2021

Just got my phone in yesterday.
I got it fired up and charged. Connected to my wifi.
I know this is a work in progress, but my battery seems to last less than an hour.
I tried to look at the software updates, and it just has a spinning ring or freezes.
What's my next step?

RE: New Mobian Pinephone - MtnSk8 - 03-11-2021

(03-11-2021, 04:07 PM)czgunner Wrote: What's my next step?
 This is a good guide (assuming you have the mobian ce edition):


RE: New Mobian Pinephone - czgunner - 03-11-2021

Perfect. Trying that now. Thanks!

RE: New Mobian Pinephone - zborgerd - 03-11-2021

The software tool was broken for me when I first installed it back in January. Command line updates with "full-upgrade" fixed that.

Also possible that something is causing a massive CPU load issue. You may want to look at it to see if things are running idle. "top" over SSH for me is always only a small 1/10th of a percent CPU usage with the screen off.

I do mostly keep the radio off for most of what I'm doing (docked) but I have run Podcasts while clearing the snow outside w/ radio enabled and it's clearly not even close to my Android but should last more than an hour of actual use.

RE: New Mobian Pinephone - czgunner - 03-11-2021

Got the update installed. Seems much more smooth. Also, the battery seems to be better. Charging now. Thanks for all the help!