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Slash TV Android for RockPro64 - Wizzard - 03-11-2021

I just found very good Android OS for RockPro64. 

The link to original topic is here:
and you can download it here:

Just dd it to SD card and it runs. It is Android 7.x based, but it already contains Play Store and apps like Kodi, RetroArch, etc. 
Wifi does not work, unfortunatelly. Anyway, it is not so important for a TV box, I think.
I am just testing it on SD card, tomorrow I want to flash it to eMMC and use it instead of my old Rockbox, which is already very slow.

RE: Slash TV Android for RockPro64 - Wizzard - 03-13-2021

I am not able to run it from emmc. It just does not boot, I have no image on TV. I used the same image and the same dd command for emmc. Seems it does not support emmc.

RE: Slash TV Android for RockPro64 - Wizzard - 03-15-2021

Is anyone able to try it from eMMC? Someone who has the serial console cable?

RE: Slash TV Android for RockPro64 - scanfff - 08-18-2021

I'm waiting on my emmc modules to arrive I'll see what happens, I have serial cables too. It works fine from SD though, I'm happy with that.

I do notice a lot of drivers are missing, if android is based off Linux then I wonder if you can install the .ko drivers with instmod? The Emulators work amazingly well 60fps with ppsspp but the problem is not many controller work i.e. xinput. With my android TV box it pretty much works with any USB and many 2.4ghz Controllers.

As the Android 9 only seem to work with the LCD's (Which are out-of-stock) this dist. is the only option for building a TV box.

Thanks for your post, I was lost till I found an Android dist. that outputs to hdmi.