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Plasma Mobile phone rings first ring from suspend! - dcinoz - 02-22-2021

Coming from Mobian, I installed Manjaro Plasma Mobile 20210221 yesterday.

Amazingly, it seems the modem manages to wake up the phone from suspend when an incoming call comes in at the first ring.
From a VOIP SIP account, the phone lit up before I heard the first ring on the calling phone, then the incoming call accept / reject appeared on the locked screen. That is amazing!

Mobian rings after 11 seconds from the same line (screen lights up / sometimes blinking blue led then 11 s later it rings / shows call screen).

Tested by using
systemctl suspend
and checked the phone was in suspend as SSH was no longer possible.

I was curious as to whether having the phone on charge might delay / prevent the suspend, it doesn't.

Mobian has been missing incoming text messages, also, I wonder how good Plasma Mobile is. I don't get too many sent to me, so let me know your experience.

Hopefully all distros will benefit from this huge improvement.

Note that initially I had several calls that just lit up the screen, without showing the accept / reject option. Restarting the phone seems to have solved that. I've had the phone on mobile (no date) all day and when I've done my test calls it has (magically) woken the phone up and starting ringing immediately! Happy days.

FYI IMS is disabled on the modem side as my MVNO does not have access to VoLTE yet. Shouldn't make a difference, one would hope.

Anyway, thought I'd share the excellent news. If all incoming text messages trigger a notification, too, that would be a miracle Big Grin .

I haven't actually checked the calls actually work, I hope so.