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Uncancellable order - gax1985 - 06-09-2016


     I made an order many months ago , and I got fed up of waiting. I emailed the ladies and gentlemen who work at Pine64 four times already, and yet I was not graced with a single response. I shall include my emails :

May 30 2016
Hello !

     I would like to cancel my order of the Pine64. I am tired of waiting to be honest. It has been months. If you require assistance in locating my order, please ask me any question you prefer.

   Thank you!
On June 8 I receive an email saying my Pine64 has been shipped...

I sent another email immeditely after I received the shipping notification :

Hello !

     Did you receive my email asking you to cancel my order? May I ask why was it shipped ?


I sent another :

Hello !

   I emailed you about cancelling a preorder, and noone bothered to email me. Today I get an email saying the pine64 was shipped out. May I ask , could you tell me what to do in this case ? I emailed you about the cancellation twice.

No response ...  May I ask whats going on ? All I want to do is cancel my order... You definately convinced me to get a Rasberry Pi 

RE: Uncancellable order - gax1985 - 06-10-2016

Forgot to mention, I plqces the preorder on pine64's website, not kickstarter...