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External Monitor Recommendations - SteveSquatch - 02-16-2021

Hey guys,

I'd like to setup a dock at my desk that connects my Pinebook Pro to an external monitor (plus keyboard, mouse). Any recommendations for how this setup should look? (ie. distro, USB-C hub, monitor)

This is the hub I currently have:

I'm definitely not against getting another hub if somebody recommends something else.

I've had zero luck so far getting this external monitor to work with my Pinebook Pro thru Manjaro:

I'm on Armbian now, haven't tried that monitor yet (though I broke the mini-hdmi port, so I'll eventually get around to fixing it, though I'm not against buying a different monitor).

Thank you for any suggestions.

RE: External Monitor Recommendations - Arwen - 02-17-2021

@SteveSquatch It looks like it should work. From what I can tell, (the specs aren't clear as some other docking stations), it appears that your docking station does use USB-C alternate DisplayPort mode, with active converter to HDMI connector. That is the correct thing for our Pinebook Pros. Any docking station that uses USB-C alternate HDMI mode will never work with our Pinebook Pros. USB-C tries to be everything, but ends up being confusing.

Has that monitor ever worked with HDMI on your docking station?
On any computer?