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Issue installing New OS Using SD - Rudy558 - 02-10-2021


Sorry if this isn't the right place for this, I'm a first time poster. Just let me know if I need to move it, and I will do so happily.

I'm trying to install a new instance of an OS over the original OS on my Pinebook Pro using an SD card with Debian Desktop Community Build Image [microSD to eMMC] by mrfixit2001 loaded to it via balenaEtcher. I think this is the same OS currently on it. 

I seem to have broken something a while ago while experimenting with the OS, so I need to repair the install. Part of the issue is that the login isn't functioning properly. I've done research and it seems using a fresh install is the best way to fix it.

I've managed to get the live image to run on the laptop, but I'm not sure what to do next. I've installed linux on old Windows machines before and none of the normal steps seem to apply in this situation. 

Any help is appreciated!

RE: Issue installing New OS Using SD - bikerlatt1 - 04-25-2021

Pretty much tittle. I was wondering if I could use a usb pen with a SD adapter with a micro SD in it to install Nox Vidmate VLC Windows.

RE: Issue installing New OS Using SD - tophneal - 04-26-2021

RE: Issue installing New OS Using SD - TfromTexas - 06-29-2021

Quote:I need an installer option for the main Debian. But I cannot find it anywhere, even with the google search and essay helper typing tools.


Have you tried to use xzcat or pv so that you could to write img(.gz) to emmc? The only thing you need now is a bootable Linux sd card. And what dd command were you using?