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Alpine on RockPro64 - mutemule - 02-05-2021

Some time ago, I wrote a small script to build an Alpine image for the Macchiatobin platform. I had some time a couple of weeks ago to see if I could also build something for the RockPro64, and it turned out to be way easier than I thought.

I don't have any images published, and the script itself is still pretty rough around the edges, but it does produce a 40-ish MB image that will properly boot Alpine, so I figured i would share it. Note that I'm building this specifically to use the RockPro64 as a router (using an Intel X550), so the kernel is pretty slimmed down and huge chunks of non-router functionality have been removed.

You can find everything in the hosted repository:

(Turns out that the only real tricky part was that you need the specify the serial console to use with `earlycon`, and once that was done, Alpine basically boots just fine. Everything else I've done is just to strip the kernel down to be what I want it to be.)